Thursday, 20 March 2014


Pictures  when we went to different schools
And, videos on 6A'13.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

6A'13 4ever :')

These are some pictures when we went to Gardens By The Bay :'D

3rd welcome post :)

Welcome to da blog!

Hai guys, this is a third welcome blogpost! 

This blog is for people to know more about the AWESOME Xingnan Primary School, 6A 2013! And, students from 6A'13 please create a blogger account if you want to be authors in da grp :)

I'll be posting pictures and some blogposts abt 6A'13 soon! :D


Hello and welcome everyone 🙉

Welcome post!

Hi. This is the 6A'13 blog. The authors are people from 6A'13 who has a blogger account.

This blog is for everyone to use so we can come together and post things together. (If you have a blogger account)